Founder Message

We started our School in 1989. In the academic year 2009-10, 112 students joined us in different classes from the 1st to the 12th standards, Junior College and Polytechnic College.

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Recent Visitors

There were so many honorable persons visited to our school....

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Our Vision Mission

Our Vision

The main objectives of special education given at Anjana Deaf And Dumb Girls Residential School are the same as those of regular education: The optimal development of the individual as a skillful, free and purposefully person, able to plan and manage his own life, and to reach his highest potential as an individual. Since the goals of education are the same for both the normal and the disabled, it is generally agreed that if a handicapped child can manage successfully in an ordinary school he should go there.


We, at NBES's ADDGRS, realize that deaf and dumb people have the right to choose their own way to live their life. Hence, we put all our efforts to make these people capable enough to not only stand on their own and lead a life like any normal person. In addition, our mission is to instill confidence in them so that they just cannot remain the subjects of sympathy. We also aim to bring them to the mainstream and contribute towards their family and society at large.

Although, some of our students are settled having their own families, a lot, still needs to be done. And we continue to be in the service of deaf and dumb. Our Mission is to make this possible. And we shall make it possible…with your support and your participation in our programs and with our determination in fulfilling our objectives.

  • Aim of giving higher professional education up to Degree College for the children.
  • Giving the best education for the children.
  • Providing the self employment training to the children.
  • Creating the employment implementation.
  • Uplift the children socially and economically.
  • Encouraging these children to challenge in an every field in the society.

Every year on 15th May to 31st July, we take admissions. While taking the admissions, we confirm by the doctor certificate from the ear/nose specialist. We will get the cast income, birth certificate with these also the passport size photos are needed. Every year we used to give the admission forms on 10th April. How the every part of the human body is so important then if we see these children who really couldn't able to speak or hear then it is too difficult to even think about their routine life. They have to spend their whole life without speaking a Word and hear a word. In this modern world the woman has become the evil for the society and if she will be the deaf/dumb then the parents of that child will really weep their whole life. But our govt. is there for the development of these disable girls/children.